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F³ Finn’s Functional Fitness, Inc.

Bored with traditional fitness methods? Try Finn’s Functional Fitness and find out what the excitement is all about! A single experience will open your eyes to a side of the health & fitness industry you didn’t know existed.

What’s your current Return on Investment? Money, Time, Effort…Forget what you’ve been told, your future begins here and now!

Our mantra is that we want you to look forward to your workout, not dread it! Because if don’t enjoy it, your progress will plateau or you will quit.
There are no age limitations on fitness. Optimum health is about performing better at everyday living, work, and hobbies. We will work with you to improve your cardiovascular & muscular systems, flexibility, balance, and rev up your metabolism, so you can enjoy life to the fullest at any age!

Fun multi-directional activities while improving your strength and cardiovascular system
We can work with you whatever way you need and deliver it in whatever method you want. We can design a program that is goal specific, whether you want one-on-one training, small groups, general fitness, nutrition, or a combination of all of these things.

Fitness programs for your company
I successfully ran a corporate fitness center at a company for over 10 years. I can develop a health & wellness program that works for your companies specific needs.

Get to Know F³ Finn’s Functional Fitness, Inc.:
Adult Fitness – Cardiovascular and Strength conditioning, flexibility, balance, speed, and coordination
Youth Sports Training – Small groups of 2-5 youths focusing on Sport specific conditioning
Rates / Schedule / Videos – View our rates and some of our workout videos!

Fitness has been my lifetime goal, and 22 years ago, I became a certified fitness instructor. I’m actively searching for and creating new ways to challenge my fitness level and other’s by keeping the activities varied and interesting. With Finn’s Functional Fitness, you’ll be amazed at how fresh and invigorating the workouts are.

Embrace change, resent routine!

Daniel Finn

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